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BottleCage Carrier-CDOT0038
The BottleCage Carrier has dual functions and has good aerodynamics properties.

The cycledesign BottleCage Carrier is with a metal hook mounted behind saddle rails

and to its main founction is to install 2 bottle cage.

And you cab install cycledesign SeaPack mount behind the saddle, it will be stable and

without wobbling. 

Broadside of cage mounts with bottle cage threaded holes to fasten the bolts, directly. 

Precisely crafted from extruded mechanism metal aluminum tube excellent finishes. 

Optimized design for thread machining process helps easily fix all cycledesign spare

Material : Aluminum 

Size : 95 * 105 * 140 * 120 mm 

Weight : 160 g

Included bolts * 4 pcs  

Finish : Painted Power Coating Black

Color : Black  

Feature : cycledesign logo

 Fitted with metal behind saddle to keep SeatPack stabilizer with mount 2 bottle cage

 Broadside of cage mounts with bottle cage threaded hold to fasten the bolts, directly

 Seat rail hook can be adjusted to ideal location 

 Attached are the 4pcs of bolts with loctite